Introduction to Sleepers

There are two basic sleeper types: transverse and longitudinal sleepers
- Transverse sleepers are precast concrete parts laid at an angle to the centre of the track.
- Longitudinal sleepers are precast concrete parts laid vertical to the centre of the track.

Sleeper surfaces are marked with the following designations:
- Leonhard Moll manufacturer's mark
   LMB   Biebesheim factory
   LML   Laußig factory
   LMH  Hannover factory
- Year of manufacture (e.g. 06))
- Rail foot width in mm (e.g. 150 mm for UIC 60)
- Classification mark (e.g. B 70-N)
- Date stamp on the head of the sleeper

The sleepers are manufactured in accordance with the "technical delivery conditions for track and turnout sleepers in ballast Track or Slap Track Applications" DBS 918 143" (DBS: Deutsche Bahn Standard / previously BN Bahn Norm/ Railway Standard) along with the DIN EN 13230 standards series.

The following rail designations are applicable according to the EN 13674-1(Sept. 2003):

Old designation S 49 S 54 UIC 60 Ri 59 Ri 59N Ri 60 Ri 60N RI Ph 37 Ri PH 37a
new Designation 49 E 1 54 E 3 60 E 1 59 Ri 1 59 Ri 2 60 Ri 1 60 Ri 2 57 Ri 1 67 Ri 1
Rail foot width mm 125 125 150 180 180 180 180 150 180

The high production standard of Leonhard Moll Betonwerke is also documented by a certified quality assurance system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001: 2000 of the German TüV CERT certifying body. Leonhard Moll Betonwerke has been rated as Q1 quality class supplier of the DB AG (German Railways) . The following pages provide you with an overview of our current product range.