Our performance is impressive

so we can lighten your workload

Our performance is impressive - so we can lighten your workload

Transporting concrete sleepers

We offer you the complete transport logistics of concrete sleepers. This includes the transportation of individual sleepers to track sections to major turnout compo- nents. With certified securing of loads we guarantee you the greatest possible safety durning transportation.
In cooperation with our partner companies, two transport variants are possible.

Transportation by road network:

  • open trailer HGV (carrying capacity approx. 24t) length: 13.6 metres, with permanent approval for a load width of up to 3 metres
  • open trailer HGV with hydraulic loader arm (carrying capacity approx. 21t) length: 13.6 metres, with permanent approval for a loading width of up to 3m
  • Teletrailer for major turnout components
  • HGV with semi-trailers for unloading by forklift (carrying capacity approx. 24 t)
  • HGV with hydraulic loading arms for transport of used concrete sleepers

Transportation via the rail network

  • RES wagon (carrying capacity approx. 55t) as block trains or car groups
  • sleeper transport car (carrying capacity approx. 55t) as block trains or car groups

Handling of concrete sleepers

We offer you our know-how for the handling of concrete sleepers.
Using special equipment, we are in a position to be able to handle concrete sleepers gently and quickly. High turnaround times can be achieved with our traverses and sleeper grippers. These can be used throughout Germany.

Together with our partner companies, we have the following equipment:
  • hydraulic sleeper gripper for 5 sleepers for mobile excavators
  • hydraulic sleeper gripper for 10 sleepers for handling device
  • mechanical sleeper gripper for 5 to 25 sleepers for attachment to crane
  • mechanical traverse for attachment to HGV-loading crane for 10 concrete sleepers
Umschlag von Betonschwellen

Setting-up of building-site-related intermediate storage facilities

For major projects it is frequently necessary to set up regional intermediate storage facilities. We will support you in the planning and running of these, for optimal operation.

Assembly of track sections

We offer you the assembly of track sections directly in our factories. This way pre- cious space is safed at the building sites during assembly. Delivery can be made directly to the building site by HGVor railway car.

Certified disposal facility for concrete sleepers

The Leonhard Moll concrete works are certified for the activities storage, hand- ling, recycling and trading of concrete sleepers by the waste management association Entsorgungsgemeinschaft Transport und Umwelt and can thereby offer the following services:
  • acceptance of used concrete sleepers by railway car / HGV
  • collection of used concrete sleepers
  • reconditioning and sale of used concrete sleepers
  • disposal of used concrete sleepers
  • dismantling and disposal of track sections
Logistics at Leonhard Moll

Logistics chains tailored to the requirements of the building site

Due to the combination of the supplying and disposal of concrete sleepers to and from a building site, we are able to organise optimal logistics chains. Car capacities can be optimally utilised thanks to short round trips.